Prints of Marie Kazalia’s Fluorescent Painting Titled Joggle 3

Joggle 3, Marie Kazalia, January 2014
Joggle 3, Marie Kazalia, January 2014


A prints curator contacted me about producing prints of my painting, Joggle 3, for some art collectors. It sounds interesting, and I will find out more and share the details here when I have them. I’m always glad when someone likes my fluorescent paintings, since such bright color is not to everyone’s taste.

Painting by Marie Kazalia in Pattern Play exhibition in Culver City Helms Bakery District

Screenshot 2015-08-03 at 2.59.59 PM
Co-curator Katherine Henning sent me an email:
“I’m very pleased to let you know that I have chosen your work to be featured in a digital display entitled “Pattern Play”. “
“Pattern Play” is a new exhibition of original art on digital display at Culver City’s premier design destination, Helms Bakery District. Curated by art advisors Katherine Henning and Jessica McQueen, “Pattern Play” features a selection of works by emerging artists from around the world who are part of the Saatchi Art community. Including painting, collage, and printmaking, the show highlights patterns and motifs that connect the worlds of art and design. Currently on view in Los Angeles through August 15th.
Here is a link to the show page:


Ploce Series

The title of this new painting on paper is ploce  (pronounced  PLOH-see)–the word means the repetition of a word or phrase to gain special emphasis or to indicate an extension of meaning, as in Ex. 3:14: “I am that I am.”

ploce, mixed media painting on paper, Marie Kazalia,July 2013
ploce, mixed media painting on paper, Marie Kazalia, July 2013

The first in this series, from last year:

No reversed, painting on paper, Marie Kazalia, 2012
No reversed, painting on paper, Marie Kazalia, 2012

Spots: Breaking The Pattern

In 2011, I worked on my series of small poured-paint pieces on panel and canvas. The criss-crossing paint runs reminded me of a plaid–plaid gone wild and on the loose–so I titled the pieces Abstract Plaid 1,2 etc.

This summer I’m working with spots. The thing is, spots, much like plaids, generally exist in tight orderly patterns. Breaking those patterns for a new look is my general goal for each of these spot pieces.

I also made a couple of spot pieces in the summer of 2010, and I’ve included them here. Along with completed work, I am also including idea sketches. Most are on paper, and the materials I am using are synthetic polymer and pigment, inks, and artist oil paints and spray paints.

For me, this spot series touches on several levels and themes I am interested in exploring, such as, repressed memory that resurfaces, imperfect recall, re-interpreted memory, embellished memories, remixed memories, breaking patterns, subverting the repeating pattern, hardedge/soft edge.

I noticed just now that I wrote *repressed memory* rather than *surpressed memory*–I’m not referring to any negative and difficult experiences, but rather I am interested in the color, sights, visuals, advertisements, billboards, signs, wallpaper etc that I have viewed from early childhood onward. Those visual memories remain within and emerge.

repressed memory resurfaced(wallpaper & signs from childhood), 22 x 30, Marie Kazalia, 2012
Detail–I wanted this paint run to look like a melted hot fudge sundae and also reference the Sherwin-William *we cover the earth* sign
spray spot splash, 2010, Marie Kazalia
spray spot splash silver, 2010, Marie Kazalia
subsystem 3, 2012, Marie Kazalia
dragon, 22 x 30 inches, Marie Kazalia, 2012
plaid spot sketch, 22 x 30 inches, Marie Kazalia, Nov/Dec 2011
deconstruction spray spots, Marie Kazalia, 2012
small spot sketch 1, Marie Kazalia, 2012
small spot sketch 2, Marie Kazalia, 2012