Painting on Paper (crook crux)

It is amazing how one painting on paper, set aside for many months, suddenly returns to my thoughts and becomes important to my developing process.

My painting on paper (below) is 22 x 30 inches which I signed and dated on the back: October 2010. I put it away after painting it (for a year and a half) and haven’t looked at it again until today. (But I have been thinking about it for the past few days but couldn’t remember where I put it!) While working in my studio, this painting on paper suddenly became important to my process.  Somehow I just know that I needed to look at this painting again to develop a current idea I am working on for a new painting.

There seems to be a connection to this note I also found recently. It is a quote I’d scrawled on a scrap of paper 1 or 2 years ago–I don’t know the origin: * choose a way of working—–that must be solved before important work can be done.  It is a long and complicated task for any painter to find her personal  voice and keep it intact and natural.*

crook crux, Oct 2010, mixed media on paper, 22 x 30 inches, Marie Kazalia