Contact Marie

Contact Marie Kazalia via email, at:

Skype ID: MarieKazalia

Phone:  (please call using Skype)

or you can send Marie a  message via her   Facebook Fan page:


Marie Kazalia email:

Marie Kazalia’s art Blog:

Artist MarketingSalon Blog:

Follow me on Twitter (regular FB page) (FB fan page)

My album of paintings on FB:


5 thoughts on “Contact Marie

  1. Marie,

    Thanks for the submission. Your work is interesting. I do a tremendous amount of marketing, social media exposure and pr work for the artists I represent. I’m not just a reseller. Please visit my site as this phase, is new for me in the art world. As you’re not a current student, your works would potentially go under the Special Series Works area . Let me know, what sort of collaboration you were looking for.



  2. Hello Marie!
    Thank you for following me at Lemon’s Tree! I have been enjoying the Artist Marketing website, and now am enjoying your blog.
    Have a wonderful day!


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