My PAX Goddess Series Portrait



California artist Metrov created this portrait of me for his People of PAX or P.O.P. series.

You can find out more about the POP series here.


5 thoughts on “My PAX Goddess Series Portrait

    1. The Frech Sur quelle planète vit le peuple ” PAX “, parce que sur la terre la ” PAIX ” ça n’existe pas …!!! Translates to English as: What planet the people “PAX” because on earth the “PEACE” does not exist … !!!

      That’s the point. Individuals are and can be different. Especially creative individuals.

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      1. Peace please, pax Latin language, just a pun, I am and I remain Not Conform, the only serious reality in my comment, peace does not exist on the earth, he must go and look on another planet and that’s a shame … !!!

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      2. Yes, I understand. What you say is true. But there are small places filled with a certain amount of peace. Mountaintops, yogis sitting in meditation, watching pet animals sleep. We can find moments of peace. There is no way to live on another planet! How much would it cost to bring the building materials up to the moon?! Impossible. A justification for destroying the earth. It would be better to clean up the earth, but men feel they have the right to trash everything. Because they don’t care. But some people do care.

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