Marie Kazalia: Saatchi *Artist of the Day*

#ArtistoftheDay Marie Kazalia  I’m asking everyone reading this to please *Like* or Re-Tweet, or share on Facebook. Here is the link to the Saatchi Facebook page:

They want to see what kind of response my art gets–numbers of RTs and Shares etc. Saatchi on Twitter here.

Saatchi put out the word yesterday on their Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr pages–along with some images of my art and the hashtag #ArtistoftheDay  my name Marie Kazalia and the link: The curatorial assistant also said that I would be in their next newsletter or one of their upcoming newsletters, as all *Artist of the Day* artists are.

My painting, below, Shinjuku, I titled after the very active Shinjuku district of Tokyo, Japan. Primarily I see the color influences of Japan in my piece. Shinjuku especially is full of colorful signs written in Japanese characters, which seemed like abstract forms to me, as I often times walked along the streets looking in the shops during the many months I lived in Japan.


Shinjuku, Marie Kazalia, available as print on metal via
Shinjuku, Marie Kazalia, available as print on metal via

2 thoughts on “Marie Kazalia: Saatchi *Artist of the Day*

  1. Hello Marie! i did the tweet and like on facebook and comment of facebook and share on facebook. I could not get into saatchi on line without signing in and seems like (maybe because I closed my account with them) it was just impossible even to sign in with my facebook. Would have liked to haveleft you at least a gold star and comment there too! I do love this painting. You have captured quintessential Japan and the composition has strong movement and dynamic colors! Congrats. Thanks so much for all you do for others! Sincerely, Laara WilliamSen, International professional painter, Vancouver, B.C., Canada


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