What happened to my Saatchi Feature?

Orbgrid(turquoise), painting on Coventry Rag, Marie Kazalia, dimensions: 30 x 23 inches
Orbgrid(turquoise), painting on Coventry Rag, Marie Kazalia, dimensions: 30 x 23 inches

UPDATE: Saatchi curatorial assistant contacted me and said that they put my art up just now before 2 p.m. The reasoning explained to me is that they are in Los Angeles and update in their time zone. Which does’t explain why there was another artist featured this morning as Artist of the Day of 10/20.  I don’t care about the title, mind you, I thought that perhaps they were actually going to get me sales.  So it goes.

Mistakes happen. I’m just reminded of how hard I work to keep my word to artists in relation to features on my Artist Marketing Resources blog.

Just because I wrote a blog post last week that I was to be a Saatchi *Artist of the Day* today, and I’ve noticed that I’m not, I thought to write this update.

I received the email (copied below) alerting me to my Saatchi feature on 10/20. Isn’t today 10/20? I’ve asked other artists and they assured me that it is. The email even  says “Please do share this…”

I did reply to her email and she replied to my reply, thanking me for my response and assuring me that my name was spelled correctly in what I assumed would be the promo feature she was working on. She said she *double checked.*

So did they just get the date wrong? It’s a puzzle. Do they mean 10/20 of next year?

Below is the email I received on October 13th. The curator talks about sales and I was looking forward to having Saatchi curators go to work for me to make sales of my art. Saatchi curators have stated in mainstream newspapers that they sell more art online than they do in their gallery. So I really wanted them to go to work for me. All week I’ve been adding more art images to my Saatchi portfolio. What an anti-climactic letdown when I noticed another artist featured today on the Saatchi Twitter account and Tumblr blog. I sent an email to Jessica asking her what happened. I don’t know when I will receive a reply from her.

I’m only sharing this email to verify what I’m posting here. I don’t mean to invade anyone’s privacy. For Privacy purposes I’ve altered Jessica’s email address and name. That is not her real email address, except for the *saatchiart* part.

Jessica McQ <jm@saatchiart.>

Oct 13 (7 days ago)
to me

Dear Marie,

I’m very pleased to let you know that you have been chosen to be featured in Saatchi Art’s ‘Artist of the Day’ series. You are going to be featured on 10/20 on all of our social media sites (Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc)!

Please do share this with your family and friends and any other contacts who you think might be interested.

As a reminder, it would be great if you could make sure you are up to date on the following:

  1. Please ensure that all original works in your portfolio are for sale and available to be shipped should they sell. We don’t want to sell your work twice or spend time promoting a work that is in fact no longer available.
  1. Make sure your profile is updated with useful biographical information and a photo of you, preferably in your studio.
  1. Regularly add new work to your portfolio – it may be added to our New This Week collection on our homepage and it will help increase your chances of making sales.

Also, please review our updated FAQ’s for packaging your artwork here: http://help.saatchiart.com/customer/portal/topics/667503-packaging-artwork-for-shipment/articles

If you have any questions about our selling or shipping process, please contact our support team at support@saatchiart.com

Thank you so much and thank you for your wonderful works on Saatchi Art.

All the best,


slipknot 1, mixed media painting on Coventry Rag fine art paper, Marie Kazalia, October 2014
slipknot 1, mixed media painting on Coventry Rag fine art paper, Marie Kazalia, October 2014

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