Lots of December Painting Sales

Not long ago I signed up with New Blood Art for exclusive online gallery representation. I uploaded my art images to this online gallery, and, not long afterward, two of my paintings on the site sold.  I shipped the paintings off to a gallery in Germany where the exhibition curator had them framed and hung in a show. The curator also had my CV carefully translated into German, I was told (I haven’t seen it yet) to share with art collectors and art consultants.

The very next week I sold another painting in the New Blood Art online gallery. And again, just this morning, I was contacted and informed of yet another sale of one of my paintings on New Blood.

Trying exclusive online representation was an experiment for me, and perhaps I thought it a risk to remove my art from other highly visible sites where I have had a couple of sales. Yet New Blood has already located international exhibition opportunities and made four art sales for me.

Click here to view and buy my paintings on New Blood Art.

ploce, mixed media painting on paper, Marie Kazalia,July 2013
Ploce, mixed media painting on paper, Marie Kazalia, July 2013

2 thoughts on “Lots of December Painting Sales

  1. That is so great Marie! I am really happy for you. Your art is amazing and I am really happy to hear you are getting sales and recognition. I hope it continues.


    1. Hi Krislyn
      Thank you for your wonderful comment! Great to hear these words from such an amazing artist as yourself—and quite a precocious art student you have been as well! Best wishes


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