My Clearance Sale on Ebay and Art Sales on Instagram

Fleur de Morph, Marie Kazalia
Fleur de Morph, Marie Kazalia

Feeling overwhelmed by all my collected possessions and books, I’ve sold many things on ebay this past month. So far I’ve made over one thousand dollars in sales. Many items going for a mere .99 cents, too. But getting unexpected high bids on other items. I’m glad to get rid of this stuff! I think it is and will help my art-making to clear out all this stuff from my home, garage and basement.

I know of artist who go through this phase, and I do consider this clearing-out part of the creative process. Elimination of the old and no longer necessary to make way for the entrance of the new.

I’m also going to try to sell some small paintings on ebay—

and on Instagram:

Posthumous Crush, 30 x 30 x 2 inches, oil painting on canvas, Marie Kazalia, 2012,…  #artmarket #art #artforsale

As I engage in these sales activities, I begin to think that I should make this kind of effort all the time. But then most times I hate to let go of my art!


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