This painting started as a sketched idea in color in one of my sketchbooks. I’ve since painted two versions of it, but am only posting one here.

I gave this the title REN, a written character in Mandarin Chinese, which it reminded me of  a little. The Chinese character is much different.

REN, Marie Kazalia, March 2013
REN, Marie Kazalia, March 2013

2 thoughts on “REN

  1. Hi Marie, I love the subtle transparency in many of the circles. This creates many layers. It is interesting the red band at the bottom. I didn’t see this originally and it really adds a good balance to the work. Really like the rhythm leading us to the top right and diving into to dark circular space! Brilliant! Have fun creating!


    1. Hi Laara, It’s been almost a week since you left your comment! I wanted to think about the piece a little before I replied, but now you are off on your Euro journey and won’t be back for a couple months. Enjoy Italy!


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