Torso 1

I’ve added oil painted elements to my paintings on paper more and more these days as I transition from painting on paper to painting on canvas.

Torso 1, Marie Kazalia, 2013
Torso 1, Marie Kazalia, 2013

6 thoughts on “Torso 1

  1. Hi Marie! I just wanted to let you know that I really like the direction your art work is taking! Oils truly add a depth that cannot be found in other media. I think because they are all natural pigments mixed with the oil this immediately is known by the viewer. Unlike the pop and crackle of acrylics that speaks of our neony, up front, rapid movement times! Or the translucency of watercolors. (Both having their place and uses of course!) I really wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying your very authentic art language for some time now and finally I am getting the message over to you! Awesome work, Marie. I look forward to seeing more!


    1. Hi Laara
      I appreciate that you took the time to leave your thoughtful comments. They very much appreciated. Your words are also thought provoking. I paint with Flashe and acrylic on paper and sometimes oil paints are necessary on paper to complete an idea. I am moving toward doing more oil painting on canvas. I have 5 new stretched canvases and a stack of 10 more constructed stretcher bars ready for me to stretch with canvas.

      Your comment reminded me of a quote I read recently in which the celebrity Bette Midler said that the most difficult part of fame is finding someone who is happy for you. (I don’t have the exact quote).
      But it seems true on all levels. I’m not trying to become a stage celebrity, but as an artist I am putting myself out there, entering into uncertainty. When other artists appreciate that, it is significant!
      So thank you again for your comments. BTW, this month I signed a new art licensing contract with the large and growing company GreenBox Art + Culture. My art is not up on their site yet. Comments and contracts can be validating. Lots of little things add up as I work every day on my art.


      1. Thank you Marie for taking the time to reply to me! I am very happy that you appreciated my comment! Yes, there is something very special in the way that you create. And congratulations on your contract! When this becomes available I will enjoy viewing more of your artworks all together!
        Glad you have lots of supplies! This to me is just as important as groceries! Confession, at times in my life even more important! So have fun creating and I look forward to viewing more of your very authentic creations.


      2. Hi Laara, It seems we have a lot in common. I love to have lots and lots of art materials around so that anything and everything I need is right there. It’s easier that way. Thank you for saying that my work is authentic. I appreciate that. Sometimes it seems that 99% of art online has the same style. SO I start wondering why I am an oddball. But so I am, and there will be a few who appreciate that.
        Just what I needed to hear, and at just the right time.


      3. Hi Marie! Oddball can also be described genuine, unique and authentic! And I really do see this within your creativity! (I am away in April & will soon be sending you and my other Linked in members a Good News update through Linked in!) Have fun creating!


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