My New and Rediscovered Paintings

The first painting on paper posted here today I titled Gateway. Since completing it more ways of painting my ideas have opened for me, and so I began to think of this piece as a gateway to new things.

The second painting is a rediscovered piece that I painted in October 2012 (it’s dated on the back). I knew that it complete yet somehow I wasn’t ready to accept it, so I put it away and forgot about it. I rediscovered it yesterday, titled it Fugue State, and photographed it to post here.

The 3rd painting is one I completed this month. It will probably be the only one I do in this style since I find myself going in a different direction now.

Gateway, Marie Kazalia
Gateway, Marie Kazalia
Marie Kazalia,Fugue State
Marie Kazalia,Fugue State
Marie Kazalia, nite Shinjuku
Marie Kazalia, nite Shinjuku

One thought on “My New and Rediscovered Paintings

  1. Hi Marie! Thanks for sharing your process. It really is interesting and I see the stages of your creativity as you described them so well. I look forward to viewing more of your art work in the future! Awesome!


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