Spots 3

Teaberry shuffle, collage and synthetic polymer + pigment on paper, 22 x 30 inches, Marie Kazalia, July 2012

3 thoughts on “Spots 3

    1. Andy–Is that a criticism? Funny, because I have yet to pop in on your own art posts and write *looks like plaid*
      or mention that your latest, and much repeated, transparent color scheme is from one of my own pieces I posted here. But that’s OK, we are supposed to cross-fertilize.


      1. Well,no actually it was not in any way a criticism. I love your piece. I thought that the spots seemed to join up to form a network. For me, they become ‘nodes’ and I was interested in that. There is enough criticism on the internet already, I have no wish to add to it. My aim is only to make appreciative comments. Perhaps my few words made it sound at least ambiguous. (As for my own work, I make no claim to originality. It has all been done before. I like Bob Nickas’s statement that today all abstract art is found art. I think he is right about that.)


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