Spots: Breaking The Pattern

In 2011, I worked on my series of small poured-paint pieces on panel and canvas. The criss-crossing paint runs reminded me of a plaid–plaid gone wild and on the loose–so I titled the pieces Abstract Plaid 1,2 etc.

This summer I’m working with spots. The thing is, spots, much like plaids, generally exist in tight orderly patterns. Breaking those patterns for a new look is my general goal for each of these spot pieces.

I also made a couple of spot pieces in the summer of 2010, and I’ve included them here. Along with completed work, I am also including idea sketches. Most are on paper, and the materials I am using are synthetic polymer and pigment, inks, and artist oil paints and spray paints.

For me, this spot series touches on several levels and themes I am interested in exploring, such as, repressed memory that resurfaces, imperfect recall, re-interpreted memory, embellished memories, remixed memories, breaking patterns, subverting the repeating pattern, hardedge/soft edge.

I noticed just now that I wrote *repressed memory* rather than *surpressed memory*–I’m not referring to any negative and difficult experiences, but rather I am interested in the color, sights, visuals, advertisements, billboards, signs, wallpaper etc that I have viewed from early childhood onward. Those visual memories remain within and emerge.

repressed memory resurfaced(wallpaper & signs from childhood), 22 x 30, Marie Kazalia, 2012
Detail–I wanted this paint run to look like a melted hot fudge sundae and also reference the Sherwin-William *we cover the earth* sign
spray spot splash, 2010, Marie Kazalia
spray spot splash silver, 2010, Marie Kazalia
subsystem 3, 2012, Marie Kazalia
dragon, 22 x 30 inches, Marie Kazalia, 2012
plaid spot sketch, 22 x 30 inches, Marie Kazalia, Nov/Dec 2011
deconstruction spray spots, Marie Kazalia, 2012
small spot sketch 1, Marie Kazalia, 2012
small spot sketch 2, Marie Kazalia, 2012

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