Poured Paint


Rainbow X, mixed media on canvas, 48" x 48", Marie Kazalia













This painting contains lots of texture built up in many layers. First I painted the 48″ x 48″ canvas with gesso, then acrylic paint over which I applied images transfers of a frost pattern from a vintage film. Then the underlying X poured in thick acrylic to create interference and texture in the poured overlay bands of color. I worked daily for more than a full month to complete this canvas.


6 thoughts on “Poured Paint

  1. Beautiful work. And I enjoyed (and learned from) your descrition of your making it over the month.

    Layerings and all those hidden features !

    Thank you




  2. Beautiful work. You have what it takes to be a great painter. Suggestion: mix colors to get more complexity. Avoid using colors as they come from the container. Monocromatic paintings project thinking, feeling, personality and uniquenes. Texture also can get interesting effects with gel medium. Thank you for sharing your technical ability

    Buenos Aires, Argentina…


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